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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Data Management

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We offer a suite of services to capture, cleanse, validate and transform your data. The goal of these services is to improve the quality, accuracy, consistency and integrity of data, which in turn enhances the reliability and the efficiency of the overall computer system employing that data. Our data management services includes:

  * Data Entry
  * Data Conversion
  * Data Cleansing

In addition, we offer Data Warehousing services.

Data warehousing is  the process of integrating enterprise-wide corporate data into a single repository, called a Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse is used for decision support and is maintained separately from the organization’s operational database, which has its day-to-day transactions. The data warehouse is used as the basis for a variety of decision analysis functions as well as strategic operational functions. The data contained in a data warehouse is drawn from a variety of data sources, formats, and types and is consolidated, transformed, and loaded into one or multiple instances of a database management system to facilitate a broad range of analytical functions. The data warehouse could consist of one single large enterprise-wide database, to which all enterprise users connect directly, or it may include several smaller systems, called data marts, each of which addresses a specific business domain (subject area) within the overall warehouse. From a technology perspective, data warehousing is the foundation of the business intelligence capabilities that enable a variety of business objectives like making new customers, maintaining customer relationships, sales forecasting – just to name a few.