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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence (BI) Systems are basically decision support systems that provide analytical data and reporting tools to support and improve the decision-making process. Business Intelligence helps create business roadmaps to deliver solutions for business analysis which includes data models, meta-data and analytical applications. By having these roadmaps, we deliver superior business value through better ROI (return on investment), time value by enabling faster solution delivery, and technical value through open database enablement.

BI is an interactive process of analyzing and exploring structured, domain-specific information (often stored in a data warehouse) to discern trends or patterns, thereby deriving insights and drawing inferences.

In today’s cutthroat business environment the importance of Business Intelligence is more evident than ever. UST can review a company’s enterprise wide data and business processes to create Data Warehouse Models which can extract vital business information out of the raw data coming from multiple data sources scattered across the enterprise.  Through the implementation of data warehousing and business analytics processing tools, UST can disseminate business intelligence throughout the enterprise, which is vital for informed and effective decision making. UST believes that when you apply the business intelligence to strategic planning and decision making, the result is increased productivity, more sales and increased market visibility.

In summary, here is what we provide as part of our BI services:

- Business Process Analysis
- Data Warehousing Data Modeling and System Architecture
- Data Warehouse implementation involving data extraction, data transformation and data loading
- Implementation of Analytical Processing Tools
- Training of users in understanding and using business intelligence tools

Business intelligence (BI) includes a broad category of tools, applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. UST has expertise in implementing and integrating a wide variety of BI tools and technologies from the leading vendors such as  

        - Ascential
    - Business Object
    - IBM
    - ORACLE
    - Informatic
    - Microsoft
    - SAS
    - Oracle
    - Siebel
    - Cognos
      - Hyperion Solutions