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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Offshore Outsourcing

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Organizations around the world are outsourcing many of their ‘non-core, non-critical processes’, in an attempt to understand fully their true core competencies, and focus on only those competencies. Business process outsourcing has become the new imperative. Gartner defines Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as the “Delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that in turn owns, administers and manages the selected process(es) based on defined and measurable performance criteria.”

UST offers offshore BPO services through a collaborative arrangement with our  network of local business Partners in India. UST can provide the right combination of people, processes and technology solutions for successful Business Process Outsourcing. We offer a robust infrastructure and proven abilities to handle mission critical, complex and time sensitive tasks in the BPO space. The following BPO services can be provided from our Indian facilities:

Back Office Operations

•  Sales Order Fulfillment, Payment Processing, Billing and Invoicing
•  Claims Processing
•  Warranty Servicing, Customer Loyalty Program Management
•  Travel Expense Management
•  HR/Benefits Administration

Customer Relationship Management Services

•  Sales/Marketing Campaigns – E-mail/Telemarketing
•  Customer Support Service
•  Helpdesk Support
•  Surveys and Research

Document Migration/Imaging

•  Converting documents from one format to the other
•  OCR Services
•  Implementation for document management systems
•  Back File Conversion and Indexing

Data Entry

•  Data Entry, Analysis, Validation, Reconciliation and Reporting
•  Data Mining
•  Analytical Processing
•  Dimensional Reporting

BPO - Benefits we offer you

As a third third-party offshore BPO provider, we believe in creating long-term value to our customers by investing heavily in technology, quality, infrastructure and processes. Some of the significant benefits, we offer to our customers include:

•  Long term North American market presence
•  Deep understanding of US Corporate environment and business culture
•  Meets Global Business Standards
•  Provides drastic cost savings and Bottom line benefits
•  Access to large pool of English speaking world-class talent
•  Assured quality
•  Regulatory Compliance
•  IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Protection
•  Data Confidentiality
•  Quick turnarounds

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is the delegation of one or more internal IT services to an external service provider that in turn owns, administers and manages the selected process based on defined and measurable performance criteria.

UST’s IT Outsourcing Solution allows customers to completely or partially turnover their IT operations to UST to manage and support their Information processing needs. UST can provide its offshore IT Outsourcing services through its facilities and Partners in India depending upon the goals and business requirements of the customer.

UST does not believe that offshore IT outsourcing is the right solution in every case. There might be very important business reasons not to offshore all or certain business critical IT operations to be handled remotely or offshore. UST can advise its customers as to what IT activities can reliably and profitably be outsourced offshore and which operations are not fit for the offshore delivery model.  However, for the areas of IT operations where offshore outsourcing does make sense this model offers the following advantages:

  1. Reduce Server Hardware/Software & expensive Infrastructure costs
  2. Incorporate industry standard best business practices
  3. Refocus on core business practices
  4. Reduce IT manpower costs and management hassles
  5. Reduce software development costs
  6. Reduce software maintenance and support costs
  7. Improve Service levels
  8. Provides scalability and evolution of new technologies, hardware and software

UST  offers the following offshore IT Outsourcing Services:

•  System Maintenance
•  Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
•  Bug Fixing (Root Cause Analysis)
•  Analysis and Problem Resolution
•  Minor Enhancement
•  Minor Correction
•  Simple Business Logic Change

Application Development

•  Custom development
•  Code Conversion

System Testing

•  Unit Testing
•  Integration testing
•  White Box/Black Box Testing

Production Support

•  SAP and PeopleSoft ERP environments
•  Monitoring of Environment
•  Helpdesk

Level 1

•  Call Handling and Management (end to end administration)
•  Web site monitoring (manual, with test scripts)
•  Production-run outage, System crashes etc.
•  Escalation and Closure
•  Reporting

Level 2

•  Resources typically spilt time between responding to help desk calls and performing technical environment management and support tasks such as minor      enhancements, minor corrections, simple business logic changes etc.

Level 3

•  Highly skilled system engineers whose primary focus is development. Typical activities include bug fixing, functional enhancements, migration etc.