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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

SAP Core Technical Areas

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SAP Basis & Security

SAP Basis provides graphic support on the entire system structure, current system status and business schedule, along with providing database management information, spool content retrieval, integrity check, etc. This also conducts batch job logging, change, execution and result management. In regard to users, this manages various types of information including user information logging, change, password, various parameters, etc. This provides information for system operators and program developers to take appropriate actions in case of contingencies with ERP system. Our expertise with SAP Basis/Security include services such as: Client/Instance strategy; Implementation approach; Development environment standards; Configuration management approach; Migration approach; Correction and Transport configuration and Support; SAP Security approach, Setup and Support; SAP Install and Upgrades; Basis configuration; ABAP code optimization; Performance and tuning; Production System sizing (Small to Very large systems); Stress test planning and execution; Configuration of customer specific SAP production database; Planning, Sizing and Configuration of a very large SAP database; SAP System Capacity Planning; 7/24 Basis support SAP Production System; SAP Upgrades planning and implementations; Benchmarking of major custom enhancements of SAP; SAP enhancements design and code reviews; and Technical support to SAP developers/configuration members.

SAP ABAP Development

UST has extensive experience in providing ABAP development.

•    Our ABAP developers have great analytical and testing abilities in addition to their programming skills.
•    All our ABAP programmers have a minimum 2 years programming experience in ABAP/4 and many of them are SAP certified
•    Most of our ABAP programmers are also experienced in the Java programming language.
•    Our ABAP programmers have a good knowledge of SAP technical environment  and well versed in other SAP  tools and products like SAP script, EDI, ALE, OLE, RFC,       BW, ESS, ITS, PORTALS, BDC, Interface, BAPI, RFC etc.

SAP Enterprise Portal

UST has all the technical and functional experience in deploying SAP Enterprise portals. By deploying SAP Enterprise Portal, UST can help clients with:

•    Provide a web based interface to the SAP applications supporting the entire user community
•    Allows a secure and secure login access to all to all kinds of enterprise wide information like business transactions, business intelligence,knowledge management and         collaborative resources
•    Provides integrated content management system
•    Enables mixed (heterogeneous) system landscapes to be integrated into one consistent platform based on open standards.

SAP Enterprise portal is the central piece and the essential component for SAP’s next generation web based business technology framework built on the Netweaver integration platform.

SAP Netweaver Integration Platform and X-Apps

UST has expertise in integrating SAP applications with non-SAP systems and applications using SAP’s Netweaver enterprise wide integration platform. Netweaver is both an application platform as well as an integration platform conforming to open standards. By using SAP Netweaver, UST can integrate enterprise wide computer systems in  a heterogeneous landscape to enable portals, collaboration, data management and business intelligence.

UST further has the expertise to build X-Apps utilizing SOA (service oriented Architecture) and  web  services.

SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow automates your business processes in a flexible and transparent way. It integrates tasks across departments, applications and system boundaries. The graphical workflow definition maps the individual tasks to the users so that a push technology informs and helps the users through the process. Steps, which do not require user intervention, are carried out automatically by the SAP R/3 system, along with business logic and escalation procedures. The process creates a precise audit trail and can provide powerful analysis reporting to allow you to optimize your process. By automating your processes, particularly those that rely on communication between employees, you provide your company with a "Book of Business Rules" which ensures that the process is carried out in the most efficient way. SAP Workflow is not tied to any particular module or grouping of functionality, rather, it is a universal cross application within the R/3 system. This enables workflow to automate business process from beginning to end, across many different functions and modules implemented in your SAP system. SAP Workflow provides the flexibility, integration, and business process formalization to enable a company to further benefit from a newly implemented or existing SAP R/3 system.


UST has the skills and knowledge to implement complete SAP Business Warehousing (BW) products and develop Business Intelligence (BI) solutions incorporating BPS (Business Planning and Simulation), advanced analytics and powerful reporting capabilities. These solutions are built on an open Netweaver/XI platform offering SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and seamless portal integration.