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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Campus Management System

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CMS Students

UST*CMS (Campus Management System)

•    Achieve Excellence
•    Improve Services
•    Better Accountability

Whether a private college or a government funded institution, both share the same goal to provide students with quality education by optimal utilization of available resources. Higher education providers around the world operate in an increasingly competitive market. Information Technology is one of the key competitive advantages that education providers harness.

Managing an institution of higher education requires more than just simply processing admissions and collecting fees. It requires to effectively managing students, faculty and staff as well as track donations and grants. UST’s Management System is the complete solution to support the fundamental college requirements of any educational institution. It incorporates an extensive range of activities essential to organization. It provides a single source of data repository for streamlining college business processes and reporting purposes.

UST's Campus Management System connects data, systems and people - integrates and automates student, faculty and administrative information, material management and finance allowing real-time access to all campus activities.

CMS is a powerful Campus Management System, integrating all key processes, transactions and academic rules of the institution, helping to deliver efficient and effective information. It offers all the functionality and flexibility that leading institutions today require. In today’s demanding environment there is ever-increasing need of meeting goals while increasing the flexibility to stimulate innovation and growth and this is what CMS provides.

Summary of Features

It is a comprehensive college management system developed from the ground up to fulfilling the needs of independent institutions (colleges/Universities) as they guide their students to success. This integrated information management system connects daily operations in the Campus environment ranging from Admissions and Registration to Finance, Faculty, Medical, Material, Library and R&D. This reduces data error and ensures that information is always up-to-date throughout the Campus.

•    It provides a single source of data repository for streamlining your business processes and reporting purposes.
•    It has a simple user interface and is intuitive. This ensures that the users spend less time in learning the system and hence, increase their poductivity.
•    Efficient security features provide data privacy and maintains data integrity.
•    You can send email messages and notices to an individual or department.
•    Enables easy modifications, easy collaboration over the internet and offers complete life cycle management for your business processes.
•    Supports your institution’s daily operations by eliminating duplicate data entry, sharing the most up-to-date information, maintaining a detailed history of essential            records. It has provision for dynamic report preparation.

Each module has been categorized by user type with password for accessing different modules. There are six types of users like System Administrator, Student, Staff, Inventory, Accountant and Librarian. System Administrator can access all module and can design own report for his requirement. Rest users can access only their own module and are not authorized to edit data.

Benefits of UST*CMS

•    It is a fast , affordable, low-risk solution with easy implementation and lower maintenance and operational costs
•    Helps to optimize the use of available resources in a cost effective manner through their proper scheduling and resource allocation.
•    Integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure, hence minimal cost overhead.
•    It is an excellent tool to promote and manage enrollment growth and provide accurate
•    enrollment data.
•    Acts as a decision support tool for the top management and decision makers by generating
•    real time reports.
•    Increase faculty time spent on research and interacting with students
•    Reduces information time lag, hence, reducing the pipeline delay for any activity.
•    Increases the accountability of the individuals towards their work commitment and foster
•    good working culture in the organization.
•    Eliminate duplicate data entry and redundant information storage that most often propagates
•    errors.
•    It saves time and money.

(Please note that this product is currently only sold in the Indian Sub-Continent)