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Monday, 23 Apr 2018


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UST and Utilities

UST has an extensive and proven track record of working with Utilities industry especially when it comes to SAP implementation, consulting and support. Utilities industry comprising of companies engaged in the business of power, water and gas distribution, is an important industry vertical for UST where it has considerable experience and expertise. Utilities organizations can be both private industry or sometimes Government owned, but irrespective there are some core functional  areas like Device Management, Meter Reading, Billing Services and Customer Care that are critical to their business operations. UST has sound experience in the special business requirements of the Utilities industry and  addressed them adequately in its Utilities solution.

Utilities Solution Brief

Based on its extensive domain expertise built in the process of working with numerous Utilities customers has allowed UST to build a custom industry specific solution that caters to the specific needs of this industry - UST*Utilities*Enterprise. As a part of its collaborative business partnership with SAP, UST has created a group of industry specific solutions based on SAP's world class software (UST*Enterprise Series) - Utilities being one of them. The goal of the UST*Enterprise Series is to provide the most comprehensive, robust and highly integrated industry specific solution which not only offers total automation  across the enterprise but can also be deployed rapidly and cost effectively.

In building the SAP based Utilities solution, UST started out with SAP's All In One ERP solution and has pre-configured it with the best industry practices recommended by SAP and UST's own past experience working with Utilities companies. In packaging a total solution, UST has integrated a lot of different software, modules, and components so that they all seamlessly work together. However, UST has not stopped there but decided to enhance the solution further. To create additional value, UST has bridged many business gaps and incorporated several new enhancements, reports and interfaces which are unique for the Utilities industry.

Solution Benefits

•    UST has pre-configured and pre-packaged the system with industry specific best business practices, which means that a rapid Implementation  methodology can be        followed.
•    Reduced Implementation Times, faster go live
•    Reduced Implementation cost, making SAP affordable and budget friendly
•    Enterprise Wide Business Process Templates: based upon SAP recommended industry best practices that can be employed as starting point for your process                  transformation.
•    Data Migration Templates: to facilitate data mapping from the legacy to SAP system and facilitate the data migration process.
•    Documentation Templates provided for training and knowledge transfer
•    The licensing for the All In One SAP solution is done differently and is very reasonably priced.

Target Customer

Utilities companies or public utilities, preferably with  revenue/ operating budget of 50 Million USD - 500 Million USD.

Application Modules and Business Functionality

•    Finance and Controlling
•    Purchasing
•    Materials Management
•    Sales and Distribution
•    Warehouse Management
•    Plant Maintenance
•    Project Systems
•    HCM (HR/Payroll)
•    CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
•    Utilities Billing
•    Device Management
•    Meter Reading
•    Customer Care
•    Business Intelligence
•    Numerous Reports and Interfaces
•    EDI Interface
•    Barcode/RFID Interface

Implementation Timeframe

24 weeks - 32 weeks


Please call for price quote. We will need to assess your organizational and system requirements before we can give you a price quote.