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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Public Sector (Government)

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Public Sector Government

Building the City/County of Tomorrow

The Public Sector (Government) has traditionally been one of UST's focus segment and is one where we have extensive record of participation in a variety of engagements involving different technologies and platforms. UST has the experience of working with all levels of government (Federal/State/County/City) and a wide variety of governmental agencies. Specially, in the local government, we have worked with almost all departments or areas of governance - Finance, Treasury, Real Property Appraisals and Assessment, Property Tax Billing and Collection, Income Tax, Water &Sewerage, Courts, Public Safety Police and Fire), Public Lighting, Planning, Information Technology, Retirement Systems, Human Resource/Payroll, Law, Mayor' Office, County Commissioner's Office, etc. Today's citizen is very aware of his/her rights as a citizen and demands better services from the government and UST believes that it can help Public sector (Government) organizations in implementing systems of e-governance and improving their performance so that they can better serve their constituents.

Business Challenges Facing Public Sector (Government)

•    Shrinking budgets and periods of recessions
•    Unmaintainable legacy systems
•    Need to satisfy constituents- employees, business partners and citizens
•    Operational efficiency is missing
•    City emergency services are facing pressure
•    Citizens' customer service is full of complaints
•    Lack of performance management tools

UST Public Sector Consulting Team

UST has an outstanding team of Public Sector (Government) consultants with a majority of consultants covering all functional and technical areas..UST consultants can offer strategy and management consulting services including end to end SAP implementation and support.

UST can help Public Sector (Government) agencies achieve all their business goals:

▪    Achieve enterprise wide integration of applications, data and processes
▪    Achieve operational efficiencies
▪    Improve citizens' customer service
▪    Improve ICT (Information Communications Technology) Infrastructure which is the backbone for e-governance
▪    Implement or improve e-governance for employees, citizens and business partners
▪    Maximize return on IT investment
▪    Improve public safety by providing ready information and relevant data
▪    Improve financial and budget planning
▪    Manage treasury, funds and grants


Considering the special challenges facing Public Sector (Government), UST has partnered with SAP to bring you world class enterprise solutions for public sector (government), which will help you meet most of these challenges. ERP, Business Intelligence and Performance Management software from SAP provides you the flexibility and scalability you need to succeed in today's governance/administration whether you are a city, county, state or Federal agency.

UST recognizes that the mid-size Cit/County (local governments) and other midsize government entities face even more challenges, risks, tighter budgets and very frequently land in financial crisis. That's why UST has developed a pre-configured integrated ERP solution for Public Sector (Government) organizations using SAP's All In One with best industry practices for the Public Sector and and additional  SAP solutions like CRM, SAP Public Sector, BI and Performance Management  all rolled into one integrated solution (UST*Enterprise*Government). You will have the power of enterprise wide integration, total automation  and information availability at your finger tips, with the flexibility and scalability only SAP can provide. SAP can provide all the tools and technology you need for business intelligence and enterprise performance management. What's more - UST/SAP can help you with process improvements by implementing the best industry practices which have evolved from doing thousands of implementations around the world.

Along with the proven, world class software from SAP you need the expertise of professionals who can advise and guide you through the complex process of implementing SAP solutions. That's where UST Consulting Team comes in. We can implement SAP solutions for you in a way that transforms your organization into a more efficient organization and gives you the maximum return on your investment. When you select UST as your SAP Partner, you get faster implementations, more knowledge, lower risks and better returns.


Some of our Public Sector (Government) customers where we have provided our services or solutions are listed below. UST does  have some government customers which are not on SAP,  who are  running on other technology platforms. While UST provides consulting and support on non-SAP platforms also, still when it comes to recommending new ERP/technology platform/ Enterprise Solutions, SAP is our undisputed choice and that is what we recommend. We have marked the SAP based customers with asterisk (*).

State Government

•    State of North Carolina*
•    State of Louisiana*
•    State of Colorado*
•    State of Washington*
•    State of Pennsylvania*
•    State of Mississippi*

Local Government (Cities/Counties)

•    Brevard County*
•    Tarrant Count*
•    Bexar County*
•    Gwinett County*
•    Wayne County
•    Oakland County

Federal Government

•    US Navy*
•    US Postal Service*
•    Bureau of Indian Affairs*
•    Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (on GSA Contract)