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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

K12 School Districts

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K12 Schools

Building the Next Generation K12 Enterprise

The K12 School Districts industry comprises of the numerous autonomous secondary education bodies which administer and run the public school system in United States. There are more than 10,000 school districts in United States, some of which are very large and other which are very small (from an operating budget perspective). UST has had the distinct privilege of working with numerous school districts, helping them with ERP implementation, consulting and support, specially SAP based services and solutions.

Business Challenges K12 School Districts

Some of the challenges faced by today's K12 School Districts are listed below:

•    Shrinking budgets with reduced government funding
•    Outdated and fragmented Information systems
•    Operational efficiency is lacking
•    e-governance is lacking
•    Performance management tools are lacking
•    Regulatory compliance issues are taking too much time

UST K12 Solutions and Services

UST has the solutions and services in place to help K12 School Districts organizations realize their business goals:

▪    Achieve operational efficiencies
▪    Manage financials including funds and budget
▪    Implement Enterprise solutions - SAP ERP, BI and SLCM for K12 School Districts
▪    Implement or improve e-governance for employees, students, parents and business partners
▪    Maximize return on IT investment
▪    Implement SAP Business Intelligence and Performance Management Tools

SAP Solutions for K12 School Districts

As a SAP Channel and Service Partner, UST specializes in providing SAP based solution for K12 School Districts. Some of the major SAP solutions are listed below:

SAP ERP Solution (Enterprise Resource Planning)

•    Finance/Controlling
•    HR/Payroll
•    Purchasing/Logistics

SAP SLCM Solution (Student Life Cycle Management)

•    Admissions/Recruitment
•    Student Administration
•    Student Finance
•    Student Portals

SAP Business Intelligence Solution
•    Business Objects


UST has developed an integrated, pre-configured ERP solution for K12 organizations, based on SAP ERP (All In One), SLCM (Student Life Cycle Management), CRM and Business Intelligence solutions. Based on UST's experience working with K12, it has anticipated their business needs and come up with a pre-packaged solution which can be deployed rapidly and cost -effectively. The implementation time is much faster than traditional ERP implementations and it is all designed to deliver the best value to the customer.


Some of our K12 customers where we have provided our services or solutions are listed below. UST does  have several K12 School Districts customers which are not on SAP,  but  running on other technology platforms. While UST provides consulting and support on non-SAP platforms also, still when it comes to recommending new ERP/technology platform/ Enterprise Solutions, SAP is our undisputed choice and that is what we recommend. We have marked the SAP based customers with asterisk (*).

•    Orange County Public Schools*
•    School Board of Broward County*
•    Duval County School District*
•    Miami Dade County Public Schools*
•    San Bernardino Unified School District*
•    Los Angeles Unified School District*
•    Seattle School District*
•    Clark County School District*
•    Georgia Department of Education*
•    West Palm Beach School District