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Saturday, 22 Jul 2017

SAP Practice Overview

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UST is a SAP Consulting Services Partner and participates in the SAP EBM program. UST has been in SAP practice since the year 1996. We have an excellent recognition of being a reliable and strategic partner for any customer who wants to deploy SAP solutions. Our current SAP practice involves working with companies of all sizes as well as the Public Sector - City, County, State, Federal, and School Districts and Universities. We are  specially focused on the following industries for which we have developed  pre-configured rapid deployment solutions based on SAP recommended best practices:

•    Manufacturing (Automotive)
•    Public Sector - Government (State/City/County)
•    K12 School Districts
•    Higher Education and Research
•    Utilities

UST provides SAP implementation, consulting and support services with the overall objective of delivering the best value to the customer.

As a SAP Channel Partner, UST can also resell SAP Licenses for All In One (ERP) and Business Objects (Business Intelligence) products. Moreover, UST is interested in being the One-Stop source for complete turnkey SAP solutions where we can provide the customer with everything from software licensing, hardware, to implementation and support. Our ability to provide integrated SAP solutions at a low price point without compromising on the quality of implementation can result in a significant savings for the customer who can then realize a quick return on investment.