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Monday, 23 Apr 2018


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Automtotive Components

UST launches SAP Automtotive*Enterprise solution for automotive suppliers.

UST has also developed a pre-configured ERP solution for SAP Automotive Suppliers which can be rapidly implemented at a very affordable price and would specially be of interest to SME (Small and Medium) Enterprise). Lot of the work is already done so that when the solution is deployed it only requires the "Delta" configuration rather than starting from scratch. The highlights of this SAP based solution are noted below:

▪    Enterprise Wide Business Process Templates: based upon SAP recommended industry best practices that can be employed as starting point for your process transformation.
▪    Data Migration Templates: to facilitate data mapping from the legacy to SAP system and facilitate the data migration process.
▪     UST has pre-configured the system with industry specific best practices, which means that a rapid Implementation methodology can be followed.
▪    The licensing for the All In One SAP solution is done differently and is very reasonably priced.
▪    Both the total time and cost for the implementation is greatly reduced. Companies which thought that they could not afford SAP, are surprised to find it budget friendly.
▪    The solution is complete with a custom interface for Intermec Barcode and RFID integration with SAP.
▪    Same world class SAP Enterprise software used by Fortune 500 companies, now UST delivers to you at much less cost, much less risk and for a lot less money.

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