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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

RRT Release

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UST has just released RRT (Rollover Rates Tool) for SAP Higher Education (SLCM) Customers.

What is RRT ?

RRT stands for Rate Revision Tool, is a SAP complimentary product developed by UST which extends the Student Accounting functionality of SAP SLCM (Student Life Cycle Management).

Universities /collages are required to update their student fees and other charges on a semester wise or on a yearly basis . Maintaining new fees and charge structures on a period basis are imperative for any of the education institutions. Currently, Education institutions where SAP SLCM (Student Life Cycle and Campus Management) solution implemented are experiencing a major business process gap of missing of a user friendly functionality where business users are be able to roll over the existing fees and other charge rates to next semester or year. Only way to roll over the rates is to manually create condition records in every semester/year. This solution gap created substantial manual efforts for business analysts and spend an average of 4-6 man weeks to enter the new/revised rates in the SAP system in every semester/year

Current solution in "Rollover Rates Tool (RRT)" will help SAP SLCM business users to upload the new rates from excel sheet and new rates will be automatically created. This too will also give an opportunity to cross check the rates before updating into SAP System .In addition to automatically create the rates, this tool also equipped with transferring rates to Quality and Testing SAP instances through ALE (Application Link Enabling) Implementing this tool will save an average of 4 man week efforts in every semester/year for SAP SLCM customers.

UST expects that this product will be of great use to users of SAP SLCM module, because student fees are frequently being revised in recent years by most Universities/Institutions around the world.

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