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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Intermec Partner

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UST partners with Intermec to develop and deploy Barcode and RFID solutions.

About Intermec

Intermec Loog

Intermec, Inc. designs, develops, integrates, and sells wired and wireless automated identification and data collection solutions through its suite of products, voice technologies and related software and services. Its solutions products are designed for rugged environments and to maintain connectivity, preserve computing capability and retain data despite harsh conditions and heavy use. The company operates its business through three segments: Intermec-Branded Products, Intermec-Branded Services and Voice solutions. The Intermec-Branded Products segment products include mobile computers having both voice and data communications; barcode scanners; printers; label media; and radio frequency identification products and related software. . Intermec was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Everett, WA.

"Intermec has foreseen the opportunities – and delivered the resources and products – which have helped transform a whole range of industries, from retail to field service, from warehousing to manufacturing. For more than 40 years, Intermec has invented technologies and created comprehensive rugged mobile business solutions that have enabled our customers to manage, operate, and monetize their complex businesses in completely new ways.

Companies around the world rely on Intermec technologies and solutions to transform their inventory processes, drive competitive advantage, and meet complex asset management needs. Intermec is a trusted technology partner with diverse global business relationships with such companies as Coca-Cola and British Sky Broadcasting as well as government organizations such as the U.S. Army and Britain's Royal Mail." (source: Intermec Website)

Benefits of Partnering with Intermec

The Intermec Bausiness Partnering will allow UST to expand its presence in the ADC (Automatic Data Capture) segment and develop Barcode/RFID based solutions which are based on Intermec hardware and devices. UST is specially focused on developing Barcode/RFID solutions for manufacturing and warehouse management which can be easily integrated with SAP back end. Some of our Barcode/RFID solutions are designed to work without any expensive middleware and can be customized to meet very specific customer needs.

The Intermec Partnership will allow UST to get special discount pricing from Intermec on qualifying projects along with access to the Intermec Insider Partner Portal which would help us with a variety of valuable information:

•    Intermec price guide
•    Current promotions
•    Sales resources to assist us in presenting the Intermec solution to your customers
•    Key selling points to help you position the product
•    Product Alerts
•    Product demos
•    Graphics and image Library
•    Presentations on products and solutions, industry trends, and more
•    PartnerNet and other partner programs
•    Additional and enhanced support options 

Intermec's support will help UST build cutting edge solutions for ADC applications for various industries. UST is pleased to partner with Intermec and collaborate on projects/ opportunities of mutual interest.

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