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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Maintenance Support

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UST has wealth of experience in providing application maintenance and support services. In maintaining applications we have improved systems’ performance by re-engineering the code and processes; integrating quality controls into your support life cycle processes to increase system stability; creating enhancements to your existing functionality to accommodate new business requirements; and assisting with technical writing to standardize your vital technical and user procedures. We have a well-defined maintenance process and have the expertise to maintain large and complex applications that are implemented at multiple locations.

Our suite of maintenance and support services include:

•    Application / system / code maintenance
•    Bug-fixing, problem reporting,
•    Source code control and version management;
•    On-going day-to-day production support, problem resolution and implementing changes;
•    Investigating and correcting defects in the application system;
•    Trouble-shooting and resolution of production problems affecting the smooth functioning of the system;
•    Monitor the applications to ensure data integrity and efficient performance;
•    Ensure that the system operation is well protected in data security and disaster recovery;
•    Provide support during scheduled/unscheduled downtimes;
•    Attend to user queries and provide assistance to them in the operation of the applications;
•    Plan and propose continual improvement of the application systems and the application infrastructure, interfaces with other applications as well as the end-user              Computing environment;
•    Ensure that all program source codes and executable codes are properly maintained (especially the versioning) and backed up;
•    Recover the lost data, restoration and repair of damaged data and the correction of erroneous data to the extent possible;
•    Database setups, database performance monitoring and tuning;
•    Establish database backup and recovery procedures and forecast database utilization for projection and planning;
•    Database reorganization; Software upgrade, optimization;
•    Software enhancement; new feature development, re-engineering
•    Performance improvements, improvements in reliability & robustness
•    GUI modification & enhancement;
•    Porting & conversion to other platforms;
•    Conversion of data from existing systems to another;
•    Development of add-on modules;
•    Software auditing;
•    Interface development to in-house software or third-party software;
•    Operations / recovery, back-up, systems management;
•    Reverse engineering, code review, and base-line documentation;
•    ‘As-Is’ system testing and code coverage analysis;
•    Legacy to 3-tier application migration and incorporation of web technologies;
•    Porting over to new technologies, operating systems and databases

Proven Benefits of Our Maintenance and Support Services
•    Lower cost of maintenance, support and enhancements
•    Quicker time to market for new projects
•    Redeployment of internal resources to core business projects
•    Service Level agreements to provide guaranteed price, quality and performance levels
•    Long-term and mutually beneficial partnership

UST puts only highly skilled team members working under accomplished Project Managers to provide large-scale application maintenance projects for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. We utilize an intelligent scalable staffing approach and can provide 24X7 year round maintenance plans where the services can be delivered on-site or remotely as per the needs of the customer.