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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

Business Process Management

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UST understands the need for Business Process Automation. At the same time, UST realizes that a successful IT implementation depends heavily on a rigorous and in depth analysis of the organization’s business processes. No matter how expensive the hardware and software, a system would be useless if the business rules are not properly captured and accurately mapped in the computer system.

UST offers end-to-end Business Process Management services to help companies analyze, re-engineer, improve and automate business processes. We have a team of excellent Business Analysts and System Analysts who will interact closely with the client in reviewing and analyzing their business processes and workflows. In this close interactive process UST can document and suggest improvements to the workflow to make the process more efficient and also suggest automation strategy for manual processes with the right tools and methodologies. As part of Business Process Re-engineering we become involved in the design, improvement and implementation of integrated systems of people, processes, infrastructure and technology. The main objective of the practice is to increase company profits by increasing productivity at optimum cost and we believe that such a process design will inevitably serve the different areas of importance to all the different business departments. Our business processes re-engineering eliminates waste, improves businesses time-to-market, and increases productivity. The re-engineering process is initiated through an in-house consultation, where we thoroughly examine business processes including how businesses process and fulfill orders, service customers, and track information throughout the company. We look at the business impact of your processes on your production, customer service, sales, and marketing departments as well.

In summary here is a recap of our Business Process Management services:

  - Analyze and define business processes
  - Model and document business processes
  - Improve and Optimize business processes
  - Automate business processes
  - Design and deploy workflow solutions
  - Define business Performance Metrics and Goals
  - Measure business process performance